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¡ï Enterprise tenet£ºProvide customers with products win competition in the market and exceptional after-sale services with permanent innovations,satisfy all customers¡¯requirements.

¡ï Enterprise spirit£ºActively enterprising£¬persistent innovation ,Serve faithfully the job guard, Strive to make country strong.

¡ï Principle of management£º people-oriented,driven by technology,quality first.

¡ï Enterprise culture£º Trustworthiness¡¢solidarity¡¢dedication¡¢deploitation.

¡ï quality policies£º¡¤ Adhere to promise,timely and precisely deliver products and services to customers .
              ¡¤ Put prevention first,persistently innovate,lift product quality and customer satisfaction .

¡ï The environmentalism£º Obey the laws,whole memberses participate,the economy energy decline to consume,green development,protection the Earth¡£

¡ï Guide line£º
¡î¡¤ Obey laws £º Our activity,products and services according to the law,laws and standard of obey the nation,the place environmental protection first strictly, with strict carry on in the nation,the environmental protection laws of the places inner-controlled£»

¡î¡¤ The whole memberses participate £º Strengthen employee the education of the environment consciousness, transfer the employee's aggressive, the whole memberses participate, supporting the environmental protection activity of the company;

¡î¡¤ The economy energy declines to consume: persistently innovate the craft, economize the resources and energy possibly, and enhance the rebirth and exploitation of the original material, reduce the amount of creation of the wastes in the production line£»

¡î¡¤ Green development: Work hard to investigate to produce medium the poisonous and harmful material use of in lieu, from the design,purchase,produce,consign whole processeses to carry on a control, make our product gradually in green turn£»

¡î¡¤ Protect the Earth: Measure adjusted the layout of the factory, adopted to correspond, reduce the factor of various pollution of the environment, and attend various environmental protection activity actively, for protect the Earth environment but diligent.

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