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Chinese 70 billion yuan transformer market capability is the essential factor which attract many ing


 One of the salted expert in the transformer industry tell gazetteer: Chinese 70 billion yuan transformer market capability is the essential factor which attract many ingoing capital. In fact , so much capability makes this market so much dazzling.
Transformer is the important equipment in electricity net collocating electricity. It mainly consists of two parts that the transmit electricity transformer which run on the backbone electricity net and the collocated transformer which run on the terminal. At present, the production of transformers dispart high-end transformers 、220-500KV transformers 、110-200KV transformers and the less than 110KV transformers.
We can say that the development of the transformer industry is closely linked with the building of electric power. At present , China is at the fastigium of building the electric power. Analyzing form the domestic added installing capability, we can find 2001 is the low period of electric power that add the installing capability. Begin in 2003, it is a resuscitated period. The building of electric power in 2004 will show the blowout complexion. The power plant which is built by country confirming ,the installing capability is 60 million KW, but the fact capability reach 150 million KW. It is the double of country plan. Therefor, State Department issue the file named 32 in Dec,2004. State department authorize development and innovation committee about the urgency notify of being firm in refraining power plant which the item is no sequence. There is Macro-control to the power plant building.
   Though country reinforce the macro-control of the power plant building, from 2003 , the requirement anticipation which is reflected by limiting the electricity using and the increase of the China economy will make the requirement of adding the installing capability increase. Expert forecast that the adding installing capability of our country will reach 638 million KW. The increasing speed will slow gradually. But the extremity atrophied status of the market requirement likes 2001will not appear. We can say in two years of future the building of electricity power of China will also take on in full swing , even work energetically and fast development complexion. The increasing of adding installing capability on electricity power will consequentially lead the big range increasing of requirement of the equipment which generate electricity. But at present ,  the proportion of the equipment which generate electricity and the equipment which transport and change electricity is about 1: 12( the last two years it is 1:8-1:9).  Forecast according to the proportion, the market capability of domestic transformer approach 70 billion yuan.
   At present , the transformer industry in world range has formed several group: Ukraine  Zhabuluoshen transformer factory the annual throughput is 100 million KV; Russia Taoliyadi transformer factory the annual throughput is 40 million KV.; ABB company has 29 transformer factory . The annual throughput is 80-100 million KV.  The annual throughput of all the Japan company (  Mitsubishi、Toshiba、Rire、Fusi) is 65 million KV.
In a word , the supply of transformer in world range is far bigger than the requirement. The foreign capital corporation see such huge transformer market in China . Same time whereas invite public bidding and bidding of the Chinese important project in future all require the item-control  on cooperating produce and domestically proportion. China has the favourable revenue policy and the cheapness and skilled employees , so they come to China one after another to search the ^fossick ̄ chance in 1990s.


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