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The market analysis of our electron transformer industry


 There is over 140 years form transformer invention to this day and the transformer industry develop along with the electron technology. At the same time, the development go along with a series of production updating.
Thanks to the characteristic of low price and producing convenience, the type of inserting slice such as E type and UI type is be adopted abroad. But the weight of this structural production is heavy, bring the difficulty to the miniaturization of the whole electron enginery. In 1960s, iron core transformer of  C and ring convolute type is aissance and be applied abroad to all kinds of whole electron enginery soon. But the noise of the transformer of type C is very big , the technics of machining the iron core is very complex and the quality is coherence bad ,also a fly in the ointment

  In 1990s,the success of manufacturing R type round section iron core radically solve the transformer problem. Type R transformer has the excellence of low seeping magnetism、 low wasting、 difficulty to rising temperature、little noise、easy structure and safety. So it has multi-purpose on all kinds of field and will replace slowly orthodox type C 、type E and type ring transformer. It is named as the new revolution of transformer of 1990s.

  Along with the requirement of electron production calm slowly, the speed of producing and developing electron transformer is slow. But thanks to thepopurlarization of using high-frequency electron production such as automatic office and communications etc and the requirement increasing, the requirement of high-frequency electron transformer increase continuously. The electron transformer of high-frequency、low wasting 、small size and low price is the best-selling production in the market at present.

  The market scope of world electron transformer maintain basic about 5.5-6.0 billion. It occupy about 6.5% total quantity of the electron component market. The produce and consume of Japan occupy about43% and 40% of all world market, US occupy about17% and 22% ,the occupancy rate of the other country and zone of Asia rise promptly, difference is about 13% and 18%.Thanks to the electron transformer is the production of labor coarctation and main on the customer-tailor. The standard production is a fat lot . It is difficult to reach the economy type produce. Adding to the market competition is severity daily, the price fall continuously, the producing transfer to the zone of low labor cost. It bring the opportunity for developing the domestic electron transformer。Hong Kong trader one after another set up the factory to produce electron transformer. The production of selling in the HK market are mostly produced in outback.

Because the work cost of producing the electron transformer in Taiwan is many multiple, so many Taiwan trader come to outback to built factory which improve the competition of the production in international market. The trader of Japan and Singapore also set up many three-principal corporation. Adding to the development of inhere corporation, our country become one of the most produce base of the world electron transformer.

Form Jan to Jun in 1999 ,the export of electron transformer is only 1.09 billion, exchange rate is 380 million dollars, increase 12.2%.Thereinto the export of P<1KV electron transformer is 1.09 billion ,the exchange rate is 318 million, increase 10.2%;component expend 60 million dollars, increase
                21.3%;export of 1KVThis shows that the correlation between domestic electron transformer and the world market is more and more highness. The development is caused mostly by export. But because of the technology and equipment coming from Japan and HK and Taiwan of our country, the concentricity is strong and universalism is not enough; the production is main middle、low-end and practicality. But the customer-tailor is few, the affixation value is low, export price is low; adding the export production is exported by the foreign trade company and the foreign trader, so this make the domestic electron transformer competition not strong and affect the development and market deploitation of electron transformer. Even so, the export production is also the living and developing market of our electron transformer corporation. During 1994-1998, the foreign exchange of export of electron transformer is double.
         In 198,our country export the electron transformer and components from more than 60 country and zone, use the exchange 422 million ,increase 133% than 1994.
The domestic three-principal corporation produce the electron transformer and supply straight to the three-principal corporation which produce the whole machine, this is equal to the import (not the export). So there is import numerical value which import form China. In 1998, it occupy 11.8% of the import numerical value and the numerical value will increase in future. But the inner corporation has few opportunity of this.     
Form Jan to Jun in 1999 ,the export of electron transformer is only 356 million, exchange rate is 230 million dollars, increase 20%.Thereinto the export of P<1KV electron transformer is 331million ,the exchange rate is 113 million dollars, increase 16.4%;component expend 115 million dollars, increase 24.8%.
In 1994-1998, the market scope of domestic electron transformer increase steadily, the size of produce scale mainly lies on the domestic market requirement and export of domestic production. The increasing speed of import is bigger than the increasing speed of produce and export. In 1998, the scale of produce and export of domestic electron transformer each reach 873 million and 620 million dollars,add the component the scale each reach 1.04 billion and 727 million dollars; the market scope is 466 million dollars, the annual development speed is 11.4% ,add the component ,it reach 733 million dollars. Forecast in 2000 , the market scope of domestic electron transformer will reach 800 million dollars, the produce scale will exceed 1 billion dollars, the export will exceed 800 million dollars and the import will reach 500 million dollars. The total capability of import production will occupy 45.7% of the total capability of domestic electron transformer market. Adding to the import component already occupy 57.5%, the domestic market and produce already meet with the international market.
The most of inner corporation have not benefited from the export. Before 1998, the electron transformer industry of electron system is to the bad in successive years. The main reason is that the corporation is small corporation. The method of producing is behindhand. The technology of producing is low and lack the competition ability.                
In industry , the three-corporation has the advantage. In 1998, the total income of 145 corporations of electron system is 735 million yuan, the selling profit is 107 million yuan , turn in tax 260 million yuan, the total profit is 361 million yuan. The economy benefit improve than a few years before. But the selling income of the three-corporation occupy 44.4% of the total income of this industry. There are 10 three-corporation in the 16 corporations.  Thereinto the personal corporation is 4 .                  
  The arm of the international electron transformer technology is light weight, high effective and high density. The production of slice type will develop the more market, but the occupancy rate is not high. High-definition television 、the high-frequency display and the  turn-scan transformer is the one of the field which the producing industry attend. Thereinto the requirement quantum of the turn-scan transformer will increase. The power transformer of high-frequency、low waste、small size and low price is the cosset in the market. The foreground of power transformer of high voltage is inspirer. The produce automatization is one of the focus which the corporation of producing the transformers. Seeing from the development of the technology of the electron transformer, the production and technology of many inner corporation face choke point.
Low-end production、behindhand technology and lack of fund are no foothold in the fierce market competition. Large and middle corporations fetch in the produce technology. But the produce technology and equipment which are fetched in from 1980 get behind going with the times. In a word, the production of the domestic inner corporations is middle and low-end. The produce technology and equipment of the three-corporation mainly fetch in from foreign country. Their production is slap-up、 middle and low-end, but the middle type is main.
 At present, even though inner country is one of the base of producing the middle and low-end electron transformer in the world, most of the inner corporations haven¨t the order of international custom-tailor. Export production is limited. Adding to the bad economy benefit, they have no fund to rebuild the technology of producing the slap-up production. So the inner corporation lose the leading status step by step. The development of the excellent industry polarize industry. The condition of many small corporation is very hardship.
Thanks to the domestic specific condition ,the developing foreground of the electron transformer industry is well. The completion in future is mainly the completion between the excellent corporation and the foreign capital corporation. Many small corporations already have no the ability. Corporation combining  corporation and the assets recombining often occur. The excellent corporations rebuild technology quickly, adjust the production structure, develop the scale economy, improve the management level and the market occupancy rate. There are the important game of development. The middle and slap-up transformers have good investment and development opportunity.


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