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The good foreground of transformers industry in china


 According to the ¡°Ten one five¡± telegraphy net programming and the future arm report of 2020 of telegraphy net company of our country, during the ¡°Ten one five¡±, telegraphy net company will add transmit electricity line above 330KV 60 thousand kilometer and the transformer capacity 300 million KV. The forecast investment is around 900 billion. The purvey tension problem of electric power stimulate the investment upsurge of electric power and bring along the rise of the electric transport equipment industry standing to 2008. The forecast demand quantity of transformer industry is 360-400 million KV. To 2010,the capacity of transmit electricity will be above 40 million KW and the quantity of transmit electricity will be above 180 billion KW/H.
During the ¡°Ten one five¡± the annually average investment of country telegraphy net company is 180 billion RMB. Considering the investment of southward telegraphy net company is the 1/3-1/4 of the country telegraphy net company and the investment summation of the two company will be 22.5 billion. Comparing to the ¡°ten five¡±, the increased range reach to 90%. The development foreground of electric equipment and the electric transport equipment industry is luciferous.
Related experts consider that our transformer industry have two development direction. One direction is the high voltage and superhigh voltage, especially the 750KV¡¢1100KV£¬the other is economization energy and miniaturization. The former is applied on the long-distance line of transport and change electricity, the latter is applied on the city line of transport and change electricity.
The market capacity of the transformer that is match with electricity is big. But thanks to the low vallation of technology , the manufacture is many , the scale is small and it is difficult to get together. So the market contention is very vehemence. But as a whole , the development opportunity of transformer industry that is match with electricity is bigger than difficulty.(China industry newspaper)


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